WASTEMINIMIZATIONSYSTEMS The ACT Enviro-Treatment Wastewater Processor unit is designed to accept the old wash water from any ACT aqueous wash system and remove the waste from the dirty solution in a single step using a specially formulated polymer called ACT Super Poly™.
Utilizing Waste Minimization Systems to Minimize Your Waste

ACT’s waste minimization systems are designed to work together with our industrial cleaning systems to effectively manage your waste stream by evaporating clean water from your collected waste source, helping you maintain environmental regulation compliance.

Effectively Minimize Your Waste Stream Without Creating VOCs

Our evaporator systems are stainless steel and are equipped with simple, full-function PLC panels with context-sensitive help screens. ACT’s waste minimization evaporators work by:

  1. Collecting unprocessed wastewater from our industrial processor stages and pumping it into our collection vessel
  2. Separating solids and floating contaminants from the liquid are accomplished in the collection vessel
  3. By automatically feeding the evaporator as needed we maximized efficiency and maintain continuous waste reduction
  4. Solids and floating contaminants can be conveyed to disposal drums/totes for proper site removal
  5. Gas, steam, or electrically heated systems have redundant safeties for 24/7 unattended operation
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General Capabilities & Features

  1. Depending on the model, 24-hour typical evaporation rates range from 192 gallons to 1,512 gallons
  2. Our model provides various skimming features available for easy oil removal
  3. Continuous duty with automatic feed or batch operation
  4. The design avoids inevitable solids buildup and insulation of heat transfer surfaces
  5. Consistent heat transfer ensured while the heat exchanger is protected
  6. Tank walls, floor, and lid are all insulated for worker safety and maximum efficiency
  7. Our systems can be extensively customized to meet your needs
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